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Web design

OFFER - the most important advantages and functionality of the website in CMS

Warp Framework

Key Features

  •   Unlimited extension of the page with new modules

  •   Unlimited extension pages

  •   Pages customized for mobile devices

  •   Advanced Edit menu

  •   Modern galleries and sliders

  •   Pages in multiple languages

  •   Links to social networking sites like Facebook

  •   Contact form

  •   Google Map

  •   Search

  •   Statistics Google Analytics - Advanced monitoring website

  •   Optimizing your pages in terms of positioning on Google

  •   Integration with the most popular browsers sites

  •   Edit images and advanced unlimited gallery

  •   Setting the display order of subpages

  •   Temporarily disable the display of articles


Advice and assistance

  •   Help in choosing a domain and hosting and their registration

  •   Hold the website under the domain indicated and launch a website on the specified server

  •   12 months warranty on the work done and care web site and technical support

  •   1 year subscription to the server for standard web pages

  •   Implementation of the initial content of the website covering up to 20 pages with content, graphic artists, galleries and modules in the price
Warp Framework


Update your website in a rapid manner and on their own without any intermediary, which significantly shortens the process of change in the information on the website.

Optimization of web pages for popular search engines, in particular Google (SEO).

Optimize your website for SEO -Construction website to match the demands of Google, so that the website becomes easily found by search engines.

Appropriate design of the website in terms of technology.

Advice on the selection of appropriate content.

Training of operating CMS content management system.


Expansion and features

Easy and intuitive site management through content management system that gives you the ability to add an almost unlimited number of new pages and edit them.

The ability to add simple and advanced photo gallery on the homepage and on every page.

Interactive Google map with the view from the street (Street View) with an advanced ability to edit its parameters.

Additional features. On request it is possible to expand the site with additional modules.

Hold Google Analytics statistics, display the number of visitors, maps the location of visitors and the keywords after which consists of Internet users to your website and many other important statistics.

Warp Framework

Mobile devices

Responsive websites adapt to the resolution of mobile devices on which they are viewed, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. From year to year the number of Internet users from mobile devices to browse the web increases in the future the number of such users will also be increased.

With a responsive website automatically you increase the range of customers and you make that Internet users can visit your site from almost every place where you have access to the Internet.

It all makes a responsive website is more likely to attract customers and bring the expected profits of your company.

According to Google research for web browsing on mobile devices 70% of internet users leave a website that does not display properly or viewing a variety of reasons it is not comfortable.



The ability to add new users and giving them different powers depending on their tasks from a simple user after the Super Administrator who has full control over the managed Web page.

  •   Page Protection against hacking

  •   Security Installation

  •   Backup Strategy

  •   Zabezpieczenie twojej strony www przed włamaniami

  • Warp Framework

    Save time

    One of the most important advantages of the CMS is easy to operate, which helps you save valuable time and money. Page content management system can manage and update every person after undergoing basic training, which can take place via the Internet. To edit the articles at a basic level enough to have basic knowledge of Office or Open Office.


    Practical Design

    Professional web page layout relies on the optimal distribution of elements on the site, making it friendly to Internet users. Elegant design of the website can be noted, on the proper selection of colors, which plays a very important role to stop internet users visiting our website for more

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