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Positioning of web pages


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SEO and online stores is the most effective form of promotion on the Internet since such advertising reaches people who themselves seek out interesting their products, services and information.
Consequently, the high position of our website most often translates into a greater number of visits and thus potential increase in sales of products, services, and readers.

When positioning themselves should determine whether we want to be more visible in the local network, positioning itself in different cities such as "Computer Repair Torun" if you have a point of shopping and service in the city or the entire country if for example we provide services, the performance of which we can carry out remotely or if we sell mail-order, in which case you select a phrase like "pet food". Promote a website on the phrase nationwide is much more difficult than on a local phrase, it requires more time and financial outlay.

It is very important positioning of a website or web store for at least a few phrases to increase the number of potential visitors, who can become our clients.

Additional benefits of positioning we get if we attach statistics Google Analytics, so you can check the detailed number of hits both in real time and in a specific period of time by us and to enter sub jakiekonkretnie internet users. You will also learn from what cities, countries, using what keywords they came to your website surfers, how long on this website resided and many other useful information.


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Pricing web positioning is individual and depends on factors such as:

- age and building website (it may be necessary to optimize it)
- difficulties and the amount of keywords
- position in the search engine google

Why it pays to take advantage of our offer:

You only pay for results - Determined are the phrases that are to be positioned, after pricing on selected items in google they settled only items that are keywords in specific places in google.

We assist in the selection in choosing the most effective keywords, checking their competitiveness.

We choose the optimal positioning tactics depending on key phrases, the amount of competition, domain age and the targets set by the Principal.

Safety - we use only proven and safe method of positioning.
You gain new customers on the Internet market. In Poland, the Internet moves more than 16 million people and the number of them growing all the time.

Increased number of visitors to the website or blog online store is the rise in popularity of your brand.

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