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The process of creating a website

proces budowy stron kuleczka

The whole process of implementing a website is done in consultation with the client.

1 / START           
The process of creating a website begins with the collection of your ideas, visions and information about activities in which the party is present.They are checked priorities and business objectives to determine strategies to achieve the best end result.

2 / PLAN           
The planning phase begins with the optimal selection and purchase of an Internet address domain, and the server on which will be the one created website. The next stage of the planning process is determining scheme and appearance of the site. Agreed is the amount of pages, pictures, menus, contact form, social plugins and other details.

3 / BUILDING           
Construction of the menu, subpages, placing content such as graphics. & Nbsp; photo gallery, background site and installation of modules.

4 / TESTS           
A comprehensive test functionality in all browsers and hardware platforms to ensure error-free operation of the site. Next, the client receives a link to the planned website that created and tested on the server technology.

5 / COMPLETING           
After the parties shall submit all the access codes. All data that are necessary to log on to your website will be sent to your email. Will be the data to the CMS administration panel, ftp accounts, databases, Google Analytics account and domain data. Adding content in the form of texts and images is simple and requires no knowledge of HTML

Czas realizacji projektu zależy od projektu. Czas realizacji najczęściej waha się od 7 dni do 1 miesiąca.

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